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The Third Brown belt, 1st kyu.
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Third Brown Belt Requirements:

IkKyu (1st Kyu) is the ninth belt level in the Shinkyudo ranking system.  

Saiha (To Seoorate and Destroy) and Tsuki no  (Form of Thousand Strikes). Students are tested on movements,
spirit and interpretation of the kata. Student displays knowledge of Bunki (interpretation of application, or hidden
technique) of katas.

Self Defense and Fighting Techniques:
Self-defense intermediate techniques number five and six are required. Students are required to practice these in
such a way that one would be able to use them without hesitation whenever called upon to do so. Display a
commitment to succeed with no fear or panic. Follow through with the techniques without giving up.
Fighting techniques number nine and ten are required for this level. Bag work with proper form and force.

Basic Techniques & Knowledge:
Students must demonstrate a clear understanding of the stances, blocks, kicks, strikes, and thrusts.  
The student must have progressed in knowledge of class procedures, understand and demonstrate common
commands and general terms.
Understand and apply basic Japanese commands and terminology.

Technique combinations must be demonstrated with balance, good focus and control (kime), speed, and
breathing coordination. The synchronization of movements and a firm center of gravity must be displayed between
movements in kumite as well as during kata.
Some controlled hard contact, and open hand techniques are allowed at this level. Sweeps are only allowed to
bottom of opponent’s foot. Endurance and conditioning, student displays moderate levels and tolerates contact to
target areas of body in kumite.
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