More to come...check back soon
My favorite things to enjoy are
the workings of nature through all
the living creatures we have
among us. Watching the mothers
taking care of their young.
Observing the communications
between them are such a joy to
me to behold.
Hello, I'm Wanda Gaston the fiddler in this duet.
So glad that you have stopped in to visit us here. Some of you know me,
for those that don't allow me to introduce myself. I have arrived in this fun
spot by following my heart. My husband has been a musician all his adult
life but play music wasn't something I ever thought of doing. I mostly just
listened to his singing and melted away. I had my art muse at hand to
keep me satisfied. I'm a studio painter graduating from University of
Northern Iowa and just recently had spent some years as an Art therapist
at a local Retirement Community. I so enjoyed making art with people and
using art as a vehicle to grow a well soul. I enjoy learning which lead me to
graduating with a Psychology degree as well.

Learning about the state of
Flow  toward the end of my years at UNI. Some
quite magical things beg
an to happen to me as I grew to understand this state of
mind sometimes called Flow. Things became synchronized beyond the casual
coincidences of life. I became aware of the magic around me and in me as well. I
had a very special teacher who was guiding me